The NXTGUN Trustâ„¢ is initially structured in one of three tiers depending on the individual's starting point:

What's Included

Our NXTGUN Trust is a complete package. Not only do we include the trust agreement and ancillary forms (for things like appointing additional trustees or beneficiaries), but we also include the blank finger print cards required by the ATF that you will need to use for obtaining finger prints at your local law enforcement office and, if you are local to our office, we will include the required pictures that you will need for the ATF form 5320.23 Responsible Person Questionnaire as well.

  • Starter

    This is our most cost-effective starting point and is for the individual that just wants to buy an NFA firearm, such as a suppressor, without adding complex trustee or beneficiary structures. Notwithstanding this, the Starter can easily be scaled and amended as needed. This version typically costs $100 for an individual but can run anywhere from $75 to $500 depending on a few factors.

  • Standard

    This is our most popular version. It includes provisions for non-NFA firearms and more complex trustee and/or beneficiary structures. This one works well for married couples and/or families. This version typically costs $1,000 for a family but can run anywhere from $500 on up depending on various factors.

  • Legacy

    This is our most complex version and is designed for large firearm collections, multi-generational beneficiary structures and/or multi-state trust administration for families with homes in more than one state. This version is fully-customized and depends on many factors. Give us a call if you'd like a quote.